Instant engagement increases sales.

At iPitCrew, we believe that the car purchase is still an emotional purchase based on customer needs and desires which requires dealership representation of knowledge, influence and trust. We believe the internet is an amazing conduit for the facilitation of the car purchasing process. The dealer website is the foundation from which we can present a wealth of information in various content forms. However, to achieve maximum optimization across a wide arching range of questions and varying points in the research, decision, and purchase cycle, to equally diverse levels in ability to assimilate information and data, we hold firmly to the assertion that immediate engagement and personal interaction can play a critical role.

So the question we have asked ourselves is why so many Automotive Industry Elites continue to promote the use of one dimensional communication processes and technologies. We believe it’s because until recently the ability to embed true seamless bi-directional communication technologies to create “in dealership like communication experiences” at the “zero moment of truth” have not been possible.


No Communication Limits

iCarGuide seeks to be a seamless Omni-Channel, Bi-Directional, Communications Platform, functioning accordingly on mobile and desktop devices, in an effort to wrap itself around all facets of the communication activity across the dealerships entire web presence. In other words, providing, video conferencing, co-browsing, text, chat, VoIP inbound / outbound calling, call tracking and recording, Document collaboration, e-Contracting, speech recognition in all languages, across all devices, on all browsers.

Compatible with all website vendors, OEM Manufacturer Sites, and third party vendors.

Document Collaboration, File Sharing,
E-Signature, PCI Compliant

iCarGuide Document Collaboration

One of the most powerful features of iCarGuide is the ability to speed up the in-dealership experience, by providing real time Document Collaboration, E-Signature, and File Sharing between dealership BDC agents and online website visitors. Additional benefits are realized in improved accuracy of document submissions.

Co-Browse, Screen Share

iCarGuide Co-Browse Screen Share

Co-Browsing empowers agents to seamlessly guide online visitors around dealer website properties which implements the iCarGuide Code. Screen Share sessions can also be easily launched for further facilitating user technical assistance.


iCarGuide Texting

SMS and MMS Texting availability means you can text directly and immediately from within the chat dashboard.

Speech Recognition

iCarGuide Speech Recognition

State-of-the-art Speech recognition software allows for chats in most languages without typing.

iCarGuide Mobile Co-Browse

Say Hello to the most powerful online communication software in the automotive industry!

Revolutionize the process with the addition of VoIP PBX System,
Call Tracking, Call Recording.

Unique VoIP application provides for answering inbound / outbound calls from within the Dashboard. Features include Caller ID, Call Conferencing, Inter Department Call Transfer, Call Recording, Call History, Texting, Agent Monitoring, all from within the chat dashboard.

Multi-User Conferencing
Chat, Audio, Video

Multi-User Conferencing for Voice, Video, and Chat allows inter-department transfer and additional guest invites across all communication channels and all devices including mobile!

iCarGuide VOIP

Instant Engagement

iCarGuide Stop the Clock

Instant engagement creates loyalty, stops the research cycle and increases likelyhood of conversion by as much as 391%. Stop the OEM clock, increase your sales, and capture market share


Omni-Channel Connectivity

Drive all of your consumer interactions across all devices and all online website properties from a single dashboard utilizing iCarGuide cross-channel communication technology. Are you a large dealership group with multiple brands, websites, or FaceBook social media pages? Are you a BDC or OEM that needs to manage communications for multiple dealerships? Are you are a portal that wants to provide a marketplace solution for your dealers? No problem! iCarGuide is a robust solution built with scalability in mind.

iCarGuide Cross Channel

What does iCarGuide mean for your dealership?

Currently in use on most major automotive dealership 3rd party websites and manufacturers.


Track ROI, agent performance, engagement performance, and so much more with comprehensive reporting, analytics, and other valuable metrics. Coach desired outcomes with complete chat, call, and text histories.

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iCarGuide Analytics

BDC Strategies

Not sure if your organization is ready for Omni-Channel Communications Processes, but you are sure your customers and competitors are? Not a problem iCarGuide offers Managed, Self-Managed, and Hybrid Solutions to fit any organization.

Additional Benefits

  • Increase engagement with ability to launch sessions from email signature.

  • Reduce bounce rates for more effective Pay-Per-Click Display advertising with ability to launch sessions from PPC Banner Ads.

  • Improve cross channel connectivity with ability to answer sessions across all dealer website properties including social media platforms like Facebook.

  • Integrate and export chat sessions to any Customer relations management software (CRM)