The luxury car market is smaller than the traditional car market so every customer is valuable. Luxury car dealers need to provide the best user experience and offer their customers excellent customer support. People who purchase luxury cars are very particular, demand immediate attention and a wide range of services. You can only provide that if you have a proper communications and management system in place. At iCarGuide, we recommend that you develop an omni-channel communications system. It will help you manage communication from all directions.

What is an Omni-Channel Communications System?

An omni-channel communication system is a network spread across different devices and platforms. The platform allows you to communicate on mobile and through desktop and offers a number of options. Your customers and employees can communicate through live chat, video chat, emails, phone calls, and SMS messages. This communication is bi-directional so customers can ask questions and expect quick replies.

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What are the Advantages of This System to Luxury Brand Dealers?

Luxury brand dealers need to keep customers engaged, communicate with OEM manufacturers, and allow communication between different dealership branches, etc. Efficient Business Development Centers offer a number of advantages that can help you keep track of your business and provide the customers the support they want. Here are some advantages you should consider:

  • Your customer can choose any platform to contact and communicate with your brand easily. Purchasing a luxury car is a sentimental decision so if you keep your customers engaged and happy, they’re more likely to buy the product.
  • The system will allow smooth communication between different branches of your dealership and help you keep track of all sales and related activities.
  • You can also conduct meetings over the Internet instead of asking all managers to travel to and meet at one location. This will save time, money, and effort.
  • Your employees can speak with the OEM manufacturers to get information and advice on different parts and repairs.
  • Your salesperson can communicate with your customers easily and regularly. They will be able to answer any questions the customers might have quickly. Easy and immediate communicate with the customers can encourage them and increase the likelihood of a purchase.

If you’re more responsive to your customers, have good communication with the OEM, and can keep track of all your branches, you have better chances of succeeding in this business. Our chat services and other such facilities help high-end luxury brand car dealers stay ahead of the game.