Communications technology has advanced considerably in the past few years but businesses still haven’t adapted to use it to its full potential. Yes, there are online stores and some of them offer live chat to communicate with customers directly, but most don’t plan an efficient communications system with different channels and options like co-browsing.

As a car dealership, you want to improve sales and profit. You want to increase the conversion rates and ensure more customers purchase your products. That will only happen if you offer the best possible customer experience. But if you own a website and interact with them through it, your options are limited by your medium.

On traditional e-commerce websites and systems, business owners have to rely on the website content and the appeal of the product to convert the customer. Your customers also have limited interactions with you and have to move off-site to get answers to the questions. This can lead to a drop in conversions, which in turn limits your profit. As a car dealer, it’s your responsibility to offer as much information to your customers as possible. If you don’t give customers proper customer support and access to information, you hamper their experience.

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That’s why we recommend omni-channel co-browsing. You’re probably not familiar with these words because car dealerships and other online stores have just started to adopt it. An omnichannel communications system allows your customers to contact you through a number of different communications channels. For example, they can call you on your customer care number, use the text chat support on your website, email you through the contact us form, or use the video chat feature on your website to communicate face-to-face.

These multiple channels of communication work together to enhance the overall customer experience. They can access your customer service team to whatever channel they find more comfortable and useful. This communications system also gives your sales team a chance to personally convert a customer.

If you have a good communications system in place, you can also offer co-browsing. Car purchase transactions online can be a little complicated. Your sales team can use co-browsing to show your customers how your system works and collaborate to fill the forms. Through co-browsing, your sales team can see your customer’s screen and direct them through the process of filling different forms and using different features of your website.

This enhances the overall customer experience because they have all the help and support they need from you.