Most businesses have adopted the e-commerce model and sell their products online. You can purchase everything from clothes and shoes to power tools online so why not cars? Purchasing a car is a complicated process and high-end luxury cars cost represent a significant expense. Most customers hesitate to complete the transaction online and are more comfortable with the face-to-face sales experience when the visit dealership.

Virtual dealership experience

Virtual Dealership Experience

Omni-channel communications can help you replicate the dealership-like experience in a virtual environment. Most steps of the car purchase transaction can be carried out online, while some are completed in person. Here’s how omni-channel communications can create a seamless dealership-like experience:

  1. The Customer Visits Your Website

A well-designed website will introduce them to all your cars and give them a brief description of the products and services available. This is the first magnet that will attract your customer’s attention. Include great pictures of beautiful cars from all angles so the customers have an idea of what the car really looks like.

  1. Live Chat Support

In a brick-and-mortar dealership, customers can ask any question regarding the cars and services and get an immediate response. The salespersons are right by their side and can answer these questions on the spot. You can offer similar support through the live chat channel. Customers can ask questions via chat and get an immediate response.

  1. Voice Call

If customers have more questions and require detailed answers, you can request their contact details and call them directly. You can keep them engaged through conversation and answer any questions they might have about the cars, finances, purchase process, after-sale service, etc. The idea is to establish a personal connection with the customer and that can only happen if you speak with them.

  1. Video Call

If your customers express interest in seeing the car, you can encourage a video call. This will allow you to communicate with the customer face-to-face and show them the cars they’re interested in. You can show them the engine, turn the camera in any direction the customer wishes, and help them make the purchase decision. The video call can be your final sales pitch.

After that, it’s simply a matter of asking them to upload their driver’s license and insurance card, and making a commitment to purchase. Customers get the whole “dealership-like” experience from the comfort of their home and you get increased conversions and sales through omni-channel platforms.