Communications is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Modern customers expect easy and responsive communications from businesses, especially businesses that provide high priced items. As a high-end luxury car dealer, you need to provide the best possible customer support and you need a great communications system to handle that. An omnichannel communications platform can be a tremendous help and will provide your customers with a great experience.

Luxury Vehicle Buyers

The Sky is the limit

Consider how a customer approaches and navigates through your platform. They click on your ad or search for a keyword and find your website on the top of the search engine results page. At this point, they’re at the top of the sales funnel and this is your opportunity to convince them to make a purchase.

Text Chat, Video and Audio Chat with Omnichannel

You can provide a pop-up live chat window encouraging your customers to engage in a conversation. Customers can use this window to ask any questions and get clear details about the vehicles. Prompt and accurate responses to these questions will ensure your customers stay on the website and don’t head out to seek answers to their questions. At this point, you can encourage them to engage in a video or audio call with your sales team.

Most customers are more comfortable with audio calls; you can explain your products and services in detail and encourage your customers to consider a video call. If your customer agrees, this is your opportunity to showcase the car in its full glory. You can establish a personal connection with the customer and show them the car. They can see the car and have a face-to-face conversation with you, which is the best way to increase your chances of making a sale.

Co-Browsing with Omnichannel

As you can see, an omnichannel platform can help you communicate with the customers, at every step of their purchase journey. You can also provide agent/client co-browsing, real-time document sharing and editing, and other such features. You can even initiate the sales process and ask your customers to upload their driver’s license and insurance card or sign commitment to purchase.

They can complete most of the transaction from the comfort of their home and then arrive at your dealership to see the car and finalize the transaction. This kind of instant and responsive communication increases the likelihood of purchase and enhances the customer experience. Your sales team will also have an easier time keeping the customers interested in the purchase.