Sure buying a high-end luxury car is sometimes an impulse purchase by people who have some money to spare and want something that gives them joy. However, that doesn’t mean customers don’t thoroughly research the cars they want, before making the purchase. Most customers will read online reviews, watch videos, look at pictures before they make their final decision. They can get distracted during this research and stumble onto competitor websites and stores.

Omnichannel Platforms

Communication is the best way to keep customers engaged and keep them on your website until they commit to a purchase. Through omnichannel chat platforms, you can provide immediate engagement and assistance. You can answer their questions as they browse through your website and look at the available cars through live chat support. They can call you or email their questions to you and get an immediate response.

If most of their questions are answered on your website, they won’t have any reason to look elsewhere. They might still read third-party reviews just to get an unbiased perspective; however, if you frame the presentation correctly, you won’t have to worry about competitors stealing their attention.

Good communication and proper engagement help you establish a more personal connection with your customers. For example, when your sales rep communicates with customers through video chat, they have the opportunity to establish a friendly rapport. They can showcase the cars in the best possible light, answer questions professionally and honestly, and show customers just how responsive the customer service is. All of these factors will impress the customers and make them more inclined to purchase the car.

Real-Time Instant Engagement

Real-Time Instant Engagement

Quick and Reliable Access to Information

Quick and reliable access to information has an impact on the customer’s purchase decision and can speed it up by a considerable margin. In the traditional dealership model, customers spend a lot of time on research and try to find answers to particular questions. It usually takes them two or three visits to the dealership to make a decision.

If you provide the omnichannel communication options, customers don’t need to hunt for information as they can ask your sales team directly and expect an immediate answer. They won’t need to make multiple visits to the dealership and this will speed up the purchase process.

As you can see, an omni-channel communications platform can help your sales team keep customers engaged and happy. Happy customers are more inclined to spend their money and make impulse purchases from brands that impress them.