In a highly-competitive industry like luxury car sales, you need to stay on top of your communications game to succeed and retain clients. You have to make sure that your customers have easy access to the sales team and can communicate with them through different channels. You also need to ensure that different members of your team can communicate with each other easily.

Omnichannel Live Chat

All of this can be achieved through an omni-channel communications system. If you’ve run a car dealership for a while, you understand how messy communication can become. You need to keep track of phone conversations and email communication through the website form, live chat support provided by the website, and other such forms of communication. This information will help you improve your marketing and sales strategies.

However, if you carry out all of these communications through different platforms, you will have a hard time keeping track of everything. An omni-channel platform can help you avoid the hassle, and streamline your entire communications process. Instead of communicating through different platforms for different channels, you can consolidate all of your communications onto one platform

iCarGuide VOIP

Revolutionize Your Website Engagements

This will revolutionize the way to handle your digital communication and how responsive you are to your customer’s questions. A combination of live chat, video and audio calls and email communications will help you retain your customer’s attention and put forth a convincing sales pitch without actually having to meet them. You’ll offer a better customer experience overall, which will have an impact on your sales.

Better communication within your sales and management team will also help your dealership and ensure it runs smoothly. For example, if your customer has some technical queries, and the salesperson can’t provide accurate answers to the question, they can connect the customer with someone in the company through video chat that has more technical knowledge.

This shows you’re willing to go that extra mile to help your customers. That will have a clear impact and lead to better sales. Your immediate response and smooth communications platform show that you’re competent, professional, and sophisticated. The ease of communication also shows you appreciate your customers and their time. They know they can expect the same level of communications and responsiveness after they have purchased the car.

A streamlined omni-channel communications platform will help your employees and your customers, which will benefit your business in the long run. At iCarGuide, we believe this is the future for all dealerships and you should get on the bandwagon before your competitors.