Converting an interested prospect to a paying customer isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially if the high-end luxury vehicle market. It’s less about the car and more about the overall experience the customer has with the dealership. Your sales team must work hard to convince them that purchasing the car from you is the right decision.

Your team’s success depends on how and how often they communicate directly with the prospective customer to secure the sales lead. That’s where omnichannel communications can step in to help. This system allows you to communicate with customers through different channels like chat, text, audio, and video.

If you have been a high-end luxury car dealer for some time now, you know that the key to converting leads to the sale is consistency along with persistence. Buying a high-end car is often an emotional or impulsive decision; so if you’re persistent and present a good sales pitch, you can succeed.

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Audio and Video Capabilities

With omnichannel communication, you can answer text queries presented to you through your website contact form, communicate with clients through the chat support, and even communicate with them through audio and video channels.

For example, when the customer first sends his queries to through your contact form, you can answer the questions, provide additional information, and encourage them to contact you through different channels. You can recommend a video call, which will allow you to make a better impact. You can discuss the available cars, answer their technical questions, and engage their attention. The video communication provides the perfect opportunity to connect with the prospect on a more personal level and establish a good rapport.

Once you have communicated with your prospective customers through video, you can follow up with an email that contains a summary of points discussed. You can also communicate with the same customer on the live chat support on your website and keep them engaged and interested in the cars.

This consistent and easy communication will have a big impact on the customer and help them connect with you. They’ll be more likely to purchase the car from you than from your competitors.

Our omnichannel platform makes it easier for you to communicate through different channels from one platform. Your sales team will have an easier time communicating with customers and will convert more leads into sales. They won’t have to use different platforms to get the best results, they can simply handle all communications from a single platform,